What we do



The PrioritEE toolbox to manage and monitor energy consumption and prioritize EE investments in Municipal Public Buildings

Common strategies in the MED area to develop energy consumption management plans for MPBs

Implement Capacity raising activities on Energy Efficiency involving various target groups

Engaging a number of regions and sub-regions in developing Energy Efficiency  plans and strategies

The PrioritEE toolbox will be used by local administrations to manage energy consumption in municipal public buildings (MPB), to assess the cost-effectiveness of a predefined set of EE and RES measures and alternatives, and to prioritise investments.

A comprehensive set of key indicators will be an integral part of the planning tool and will be used to compare different scenarios of interventions and monitor energy consumption, assessing the effects of the proposed strategies.

A comprehensive set of good practices and strategies will be identified, tested with 5 MED local authorities and critically evaluated in order to support the implementation of local action plans to reduce energy consumption of municipal public buildings (MPB). 

This will be achieved through a balanced set of cost-effective technical measures and “soft-measures” aimed at motivating behavioural change and a sense of ownership of the local energy system by different target groups and employees.

At least 8 target groups will participate in capacity raising activities (5 local public authorities as beneficiary partners and 3 as associated partners).

They will attend 15 local technical workshops (3 per country) and at least 8 events more (meetings, conferences and dissemination events). One of the objectives of the project is to achieve an easy-to-use toolbox for local public authorities. A continuous participation of target groups in these activities is at the core of the project.

5 regions/subregions in 5 MED countries will elaborate a local plan for improving the EE of public buildings in the medium-to-long term.

One of the objectives of the project is the elaboration of a protocol to use the PrioritEE toolbox and create local EE plans. 

The elaboration of local plans by public authorities will show that the capacity building provided during the project has achieved its goals; furthermore, it will help to test and improve the protocol created to this end.