Toolbox Overview

The project aims to gather the knowledge acquired in terms of decision support tools, good practices and strategies in one common platform, the PrioritEE toolbox, which can be used by local administrations to manage and monitor energy consumption, assess the cost-effectiveness of a predefined set of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) measures, and prioritize investments. Moreover, it will release a policy document on common strategies in the MED area to develop local action plans to reduce the energy consumption of MPBs

The PrioritEE toolbox

The PrioritEE toolbox has been tested on five pilots in the partner regions, focusing on a varied portfolio of local priorities and covering different key energy efficiency issues. The toolbox is composed by the following main components:

  • Technology analytical database which incorporates technical solutions to improve Energy Efficiency in Municipal Public Buildings split by end-use: lighting, space heating, space cooling, water heating and cooking. The database also includes measures to reduce the energy needs of the buildings structure as well as renewable electricity generation technologies providing information on technological characteristics, investment and operation and maintenance costs, energy savings, etc. It can also be used as a benchmark tool and for identification of different alternatives.
  • Decision Support Tool (DST) to prioritize Energy Efficiency measures divided among nine areas of focus: external walls, external windows, roof, ventilation system, heating and cooling system, lighting system and integration of renewable energy. The DST provides an overview of results ranked by savings, investment costs and return of investment for each building and building typology allowing also the evaluation of different combination of Energy Efficiency measures. Users can either fill only basic input which will be supplemented with a list of assumptions from the toolbox's database, or fill-in also advanced inputs for more accurate results. The DST is available in a user-friendly online software application.
  • How-to Briefs, 7 easy-to-use guides for the implementation of selected best practices for Energy Efficiency in Municipal Public Buildings; 
  • Repository of Good Practices to enhance sustainable energy awareness and foster behavioural changes;  

All these are made available through this web-site which constitutes an Open data & knowledge access infrastructure as all Toolbox components are free and easy to access. For your convenience we have also prepared an Overview of project and initiatives relevant for promoting Energy Efficiency in Municipal Public Buildings. To improve usability you can find most of the toolbox available in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Croatian.


The four components of the PrioritEE toolbox are released under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA license and subject to this disclaimer.