Decision Support Tool

Here you can find the PrioritEE DST. This is a Decision-Support Tool, implemented in an online web-based application, with the main purpose of helping local and regional authorities to relatively easy and quickly calculate energy and financial savings in individual public buildings and for the whole building stock by applying different energy efficiency measures.  Users can create their own account which gives them a possibility to input unlimited number of buildings, to use our large database for countries involved in the PrioritEE project and to find/compare buildings with the highest potential for energy (and financial) savings. The DST is built in a flexible manner and designed both for users with and without detailed information. In the first case users can input their building specific data, whereas in the second case users can benefit from generic pre-filled in information for typical buildings in the MED region.  

An input for each building is divided among several tabs, from basic information and energy consumption information to information regarding heating & cooling and lighting systems. The more data each user inputs, the more accurate results will be. Each building can be evaluated separately to estimate detailed results and there is also the possibility to compare buildings by using the benchmarking mode. Here users can see which buildings in their stock have the highest potential for energy savings, for integration of renewable energy sources and for CO2 emissions reduction. Furthermore, the decision support tool calculates investments and related return of investments.  The DST results are indicative and representative for the MED countries municipal public buildings. They should not be used as a replacement of an energy audit or of an energy certificate. The PrioritEE DST fundamentally serves to give you an overview of the improvement possibilities for your buildings, not an accurate estimate of costs or energy savings that you will obtain.

There is a possibility of changing the language of the web-application among English, Italian, Portuguese, Croatian, Italian and Greek which automatically applies the respective country-specific information. A tutorial is available in each language. By applying the most realistic information in the database, each user has a possibility to use a decision support tool accurately enough to decide which buildings should be further analyzed and possibly retrofitted to the highest standards.







The four components of the PrioritEE toolbox are released under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA license and subject to this disclaimer.