Analytic Database

Here you can find the PrioritEE technological analytical database. This is a compilation of technological solutions to improve Energy Efficiency in Municipal Public Buildings. It is split by end-use: lighting, space heating, space cooling, water heating and cooking, as well as measures to reduce the energy needs of the buildings structure and improve renewable electricity generation. For each of these  you can find information on technological characteristics, investment and operation and maintenance costs, energy savings, etc. The information provided results from a review of several sources. The values are indicative and representative for the MED countries. However, most probably you will find some differences for your specific case. The database only serves to give you an idea of the several technological possibilities, not an accurate estimate of costs or energy savings that you will obtain in your public building. The database is accessible via a simple excel file that can be downloaded. Alternatively you can also download some of its parts as a pdf file, although the use of the excel file is advised as it has better readability. 

  Download the PrioritEE Analytic Database

Technological Databases





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