The project comes to an end: great satisfaction that the initial objectives have been far exceeded!

PrioritEE PLUS effectively transferred the Decision Support Tool to 11 new communities with approximately 80 public buildings.

The project successfully closes its activities, having formally ended on June 30, 2022. Thanks to the close and active cooperation of all partners, the results achieved went far beyond initial expectations:

- Update and integration of the training materials, which have been supplemented with very useful tutorials on the DSTool in video format. They are available in the Deliverables Database and in the Help section of the DSTool in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and very soon also in French thanks to the cooperation with the Efficient Building Community!

- Upgrade of the DSTool with a new attractive and more user-friendly interface and improvements in the accuracy of the calculation routines. The new DSTool is available for free online ( upon registration and approval (it will only take a few minutes!). On the home page you can easily choose your preferred working language: English, Croatian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and the newly added French. 

- The Report on Energy Efficiency Strategies”, which illustrates the main results of the “receiver” partners and can provide useful information on how the DSTool can support administrations in energy planning and in identifying the best solutions to increase the energy efficiency of public buildings in their territories. It is available in the Deliverables Database.

- Transferring the DSTool: the initial target of 3 signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the concrete adoption of DSTool by local governments, was successfully exceeded. A total of 11 MoUs were signed (9 by the local communities in the partnership, 2 within the framework of the Efficient Buildings Community cooperation) demonstrating the effective transfer of the PrioritEE PLUS DSTool.

Last, very good news is that, beyond the duration of the project, REGEA, which has been heavily involved in implementing changes and improving training materials, is willing to provide technical support to users and to further develop the DSTool beyond the current level of exploitation.