The 1st Local Living Lab in the Region of Western Macedonia Greece

The main target of this first Local Living Lab was to present the progress of the PrioritEE project and to identify barriers and opportunities in the Municipal Public Buildings Energy Management. The existing energy consumption of the selected Municipal Public Buildings, as indicated in the first stakeholders’ workshop, was presented.

The stakeholders reported on the good practices followed in energy upgrading measures selection in Public Municipal Buildings, while in the presentation of the possible computational tools to be used in this project, they expressed the opinion that the adopted computational-decision tool should be simple to the user.

Organisers: Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia S.A (ANKO)

Target groups:

Technical Departments of Municipalities 

District Heating Companies 

Technical Chamber of Greece / Department of Western Macedonia 

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas 


Presentation of Energy Consumption of the selected MPBs. 

Identification of possible Energy Efficiency Upgrade Interventions (Stakeholders) 

Presentation of the possible computational tools to be adopted in PrioritEE project 

Discussion about the Good Practices that Municipalities follow