A successful cooperation within the EB City Partnership: visit of Mostaganem delegation (Algeria) to Potenza (Italy)

The DST transferred also to North Africa: A new MoU was signed by the Algerian municipality

The city visit of the Algerian delegation from Mostaganem took place on 22 and 23 June 2022 in Potenza. This peer-to-peer twinning experience focused on the municipal strategies to reduce energy consumption in public buildings and on existing good practices on renewable energy. This event was an excellent opportunity to support the transfer of knowledge and strengthen the relationships between the cities of Potenza and Mostaganem. The event, co-organized by Energy Cities (project coordinator), the Municipality of Potenza and CNR-IMAA, involved representatives of the public administrations of the two partner cities, the municipalities of Tito and San Lucido (CS), researchers from CNR-IMAA and energy experts from the Lucanian Energy Company. In addition, the Municipality of Mostaganem expressed its interest in adopting the PrioritEE DST as a support tool for action planning, acknowledging the ongoing cooperation by signing a MoU.