5TH CESBA Sprint Workshop in Malta

PrioritEE Team participated in the 5TH CESBA Sprint Workshop in Malta, Gozo 14 - 16 November 2018

The 5-th CESBA Sprint Workshop, held in Gozo, Malta on 14 - 16 November 2018, gathered representatives from different organisations (Research & Academia, Local Authorities, City Networks) to develop joint solutions for a continuous improvement of buildings, neighborhoods and spatial planning.

During the workshop, the participants, utilizing the Sprint Method, discussed on the main topics related to energy efficiency in building and cities, among which the latest challenges in the built environment, capacity to act, tools and indicators, city networks and pooling of resources. In particular, the PrioritEE representatives participated actively in Team 1 and acted as moderator of Team 2 focused on policy implementation and participation.

The event represented a good opportunity to share ideas and capitalise the PrioritEE project knowledge and concepts within a community of experts from different EU countries.