Seminar about Aragon infoenergía and PrioritEE projects

ADRICTE headquarters, Teruel


Objective & main programme point

The objective of the event was to provide an overview of 2 ongoing and interrelated projects: Aragón infoenergía and PrioritEE. The main discussion points were:

- Presentation of ADRICTE, DPT and OMEZYMA
- Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy of the European Union: How to get involved, obligations and benefits.
- FEDER funding “Energy savings and diversification” in Aragón.
- IDAE funding: “Investment projects that favour the path towards a low  carbon economy”.
- LEADER funding for energy efficiency.
- Presentation of the cooperation project “Aragon Infoenergía: climate change, biomass and employment”.
- Proposal for joint electricity purchase for Public Authorities.
- PrioritEE project.