PUBLENEF Final Conference


10 October 2018 , 9am - 4pm, 

Palais des Académies, Brussels

Supporting Public Authorities Towards Energy Efficiency

The PUBLENEF H2020 project has been focusing precisely on mobilising public authorities at local, 

regional and national level and connecting them. Based on needs assessments and good practices

analysis, the partners developed policy roadmaps in 12 cities and regions across Europe to implement

energy efficiency pathways towards sustainability.

In the frame of the European Week of Regions and Cities, this event will explore the capacity of local

and regional authorities to lead the transition to an energy efficient society. EU level representatives will

present the new policy framework for energy efficiency and the latest financing opportunities. Successful

approaches will be discussed and effective tools will be shared. You’ll have the chance to exchange with

fellow experts on the key dimensions of energy efficiency policies and together explore the latest trends

and solutions.

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