Energy efficiency 2.0* - measurement, behavior and footprint of CO2 in public buildings


On February 7th 2018, PrioritEE will take part to the national event organized by the Province of Treviso, Italy, in the framework of two ongoing projects: TOGETHER under the Interreg Central Europe Programme, and EDUFOOTPRINT under the Interreg Mediterranean Programme. 

The conference aims at communicating at a nationwide audience what is the state of the art of the projects in Treviso and their possible regulatory and policy implications. On the other hand, the event promotes a fruitful exchange of experiences among subjects that for various purposes (such as research, didactic, professional, entrepreneurial purposes) are reflecting on the topics related to behavioural change and its impact to accelerate time or reduce costs of energy efficiency in the various uses of energy - with a specific reference to lighting and heating of public buildings.

In this framework, CNR-IMAA will introduce the PrioritEE aims, methods and expected results to an audience of national experts from both the private and public sectors in the framework of the session “Drivers of energy efficiency: behavior and technologies. Comparison of experiences of European Territorial Cooperation projects”.