Italian “giver” partners meet “receiver” partners to discuss and exchange experiences on the latest features added in the upgraded version of the DSTool.

The second Italian Technical Workshop took place online on 18 January 2022, with a dual objective: to present the latest features of the DSTool, recently upgraded by REGEA, and to discuss the experience of the Italian receiver partner, the Municipality of Narni, on the DSTool application on the first 14 municipal public buildings selected. The strengths and potentials of the DSTool in support of energy-environmental planning and how it can better adapt to the needs highlighted by users were discussed in depth among the participants. The next step will be the definition of a Memorandum of Understanding to ratify the concrete adoption of the DSTool by the Municipality of Narni.

The event involved CNR-IMAA researchers and technical experts from the municipalities of Potenza, Narni  and the Lucanian Energy Company - SEL.