Zaragoza, Spain


The fourth meeting of the Steering Committee (IV SC) was held from 23 to 24 January 2019 in the splendid Paraninfo Building of the University of Zaragoza, Spain, hosted by the local partner (UNIZAR) and attended by all project partners.

The meeting, opened by the local coordinator, Prof. Norberto Fueyo, was aimed at summarizing the status of the activities, the recent developments and the commitments of the four work packages until the end of the project. The development and dissemination of the PrioritEE outputs was also discussed as they are a fundamental issue for the exploitation of the project results.

The participants were also actively involved in an interactive session to test the latest development of the Decision Support Tool (DST) developed by REGEA (HR) in collaboration with FCT-UNL (PT). The purpose of this practical exercise was to get feedback on the features of the new software version which will  facilitate the use of DST by local authorities in the Med area.